Vacation bible School

Thank you in advance for allowing your child to attend VBS 2022!
The dates will be announced soon!
Kids will learn that God has given them everything they need through His divine power. Each day kids will play games, learn about missions, enjoy yummy lunches, and sing cool songs.

There is no cost associated with any of the activities during the week, but we do take up an offering each day to donate to missions.  So your child may be asking for change and paper money for our annual offering competition.

We will be collecting canned meals for the local Panther Pack organization. The only canned meals that will count towards your child’s team will be:
Chicken Noodle Soup    
Canned Chili  
Canned Tuna

Not responsible for any broken or damaged items.
We are implementing several health precautions.
We will be checking temperatures before the children are allowed to enter the building.
We will be sanitizing rooms in between classes.
We will be removing the chairs from the Auditorium to allow for better disinfection.
Parents must sign a waiver before children are allowed to attend. (See document below.)
We will not be social distancing, but we will encourage the children to space out when possible.
Register your child at: 
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