April 21: Easter Sunday, Eyewitness Account
All Evening Services Dismissed 
April 23: 6:30 pm, Outreach 2019, at Doug & Mary Funk's 
April 24: Youth Ranch Trip, VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. See Pastor Dan or Ginger for details.
April 27: 4th-6th Grade State Bible Drill, Springfield, MO
April 28: 6 pm, Baccalaureate
May 2: National Day of Prayer
May 8: The Lord's Supper, after Bible Study
May 12: Happy Mother's Day, All Eveing Services Dismissed
May 15: 6 pm, Fellowship Supper
May 15:pm, Missions Meeting
May 19: 4 pm, Deacon's Meeting
May 19: 6 pm, Kindergarten-3rd Grade Bible Drill
May 19: Praise in Finance, after Evening Worship